MAR 07 2018

CDLC (or the Carpe Diem Lounge Club) is definitely a Barcelona “hot spot!” Along with it’s very loyal, local clientele and revellers, this delightful club has fans coming to visit from all over the place!

If you are the type of man that enjoys a thoroughly well spent evening with your beautiful Barcelona escort and you’re in no rush, this is a club you’re going to want to visit. It’s got everything to keep you entertained for hours. Great food, music, great atmosphere, great location and great people. The crowds they get at CDLC are among the happiest diners and revellers in the city!

Eating at CDLC with your Barcelona escort

We have to start by telling you how great the terrace seating area is in CDLC, the views and the open air restaurant stylings are wonderful. Some may think that because this place is always so busy, that they won’t enjoy it, but this is simply not the case. No matter where you dine, there are people around, but they’re always very happy and minding their own business and there is a general feeling of enormous well-being around. It’s simply infectious to say the least, and we know whichever of our Moonlight escorts agency, who are lucky enough to accompany you, are going to be very happy indeed.

The food is unique indeed. It’s a mixture of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, prepared to perfection and presented perfectly. Go along to the CDLC website and take a look at some of the dishes on there. You will leave with your mouth watering. The seafood in particular is excellent, as one might expect in Barcelona! One or two of our Barcelona escorts would very much like to recommend the White fish ceviche, with red prawns, clams, avocado, coconut and coriander. It’s magnificent apparently.


CDLC has a nice variety of Dom Perignon on offer, if you have the cash (which we’re sure you have if you’re here looking for an escort!) The Vintage 1998 is a very nice drop. We know this because we’ve had it personally! If it’s wine you’re after, they have plenty of that. Now, we don’t profess to know a lot about wine, nor do all of our escorts, but we do know they have an extensive cellar. We did however try the Chateaux Margaux 2002 when we were there, and we have to say that it was very drinkable indeed! Cocktails are also abundant at CDLC. If you can think of it, they more than likely mix it for you. These bartenders really know what they’re doing, and along with well known cocktails from around the world, they also mix a number of signature drinks of their own!

Private parties and events

Club CDLC is also available for very prestige parties and you can apply directly to them for information about those, we haven’t had the pleasure of being invited to one yet! Perhaps you’ll invite us along?! They always have events on throughout the year too, to coincide with seasons and popular events like New Year, Christmas, Halloween etc. These events are always a lot of fun and attract many people, so if you’re planning on going during a significant time, you may want to book well in advance.

Now all you need to do is choose one of our Mallorca escorts to go with you!

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