Partying In Pacha With Mallorca Escorts

Mar 07 2018

Here’s where the party is at! Mallorca has parties all over, practically all the time. Hell, Majorca is a hive of partying activity; that’s why you came here isn’t it? Or was it our Mallorca escorts that attracted you? It’s not expensive to book a holiday in Mallorca from anywhere else in Europe, so we can understand why you would; particularly when the girls are this gorgeous!

Anyway, back to fundamentals! We were telling you about one of our latest favourite hot spots. Pacha is the club in Mallorca that you simply have to visit when you get the opportunity. It’s where all the jet setters spend their cash on expensive champagne and even more expensive women! It’s not like that with us of course, our Mallorca escorts are perfectly reasonably priced, and incredibly classy!

What you need to know

Pacha is expensive! Make no mistake about it. But don’t concern yourself too much about the whiners on Tripadvisor who complain about it. In our mind you get what you pay for, and when you pay the entrance fee for Pacha (around 50 Euros we think), and get inside, you’ll know straight away that it was money well spent. The music is awesome here, especially if you’re into innovative DJs who really know how to keep the party going. Saturdays are the best and by far the busiest nights to go, but Fridays can be quite nice too; less busy, but more space. It depends on what you want. We tend to love the party atmosphere!

Great mix of people in Pacha

You don’t even have to take an escort with you with to Pacha if you don’t want to, you could just meet up with one of the girls after you’ve been clubbing if you like. There’s nothing like enjoying all the local scenery and all the high-end party goers in their mini dresses, knowing that you can just book a girl at the end of the evening and have her show up to your hotel on, when you want her!

Private tables in Pacha

If you’re a high flyer, you may be interested in the private tables available at Pacha. This is especially so if you’re after partying with a number of our girls (which is highly possible – just contact our receptionists and they’ll set it all up for you). Perhaps you’re part of a group of like minded individuals who all enjoy the company of classy Mallorca escorts? Either way, both Pacha and Agency Moonlight have what you need for the ultimate party experience!